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3 Summer Outfits for Island Vacations


Ahh Summer. You’ve waited all year for this. Seven months of grind to get to this moment - THE vacation. Now, what to pack? Well, if you’re like most guys, that’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about. Good thing I’m here huh? Whether it’s island hopping around South East Asia or cruising around the Mediterranean, I want to make sure your wardrobe arsenal has everything it needs to have you the best looking guy on the plane and at your destination.

To keep it simple, I’ve arranged three types of outfits - Day Trips, The Beach & Dinner Dates. Pack yourself a few combos for each and you’ll be ready to hit the terminal in style. Here are my approved outfits and a few tips on what to take along.

What to wear for day fun

When packing your shorts you want a pair that is versatile and stylish so that you can rotate different tops and shoes throughout the holiday. I recommend a smart pair of white shorts like these to pair with a nice, breathable polo or a fun tropical flower print, like this one from Ami, which screams care-free holiday vibes.

What to wear for day trips - Summer Outfits from a Personal Stylist in Dubai

What to wear to the beach

For comfortable and chic swimwear look no further than Vilebrequin. This Parisian brand is  praised for their attention to detail, exclusive prints and immaculate quality.

These bad boys are fast drying and can last without typical fading from harsh rays, salty water and also the occasional spin cycle.

What to wear to the beach - Summer Outfits from a Personal Stylist in Dubai

They are a bit on the pricier side for, but because they outlast all other shorts by a country-mile your price per wear makes them a bargain, and perfect for long days by the beach and pool bar.

What to wear for dinner

For evening, I advice packing a navy pair of chino shorts to pair with your linen shirts and polos. Keep it interesting by pairing them with patterned shirts or with a bit of color to impress the beautiful catch across the bar. Need pick-up lines? Send me a WhatsApp and I got you!

What to wear for dinner - Summer Outfits from a Personal Stylist in Dubai

Our Essential Summer Shoes


The perfect summer shoe due to its versatility. They look great and not too formal - ideal for your summer getaway. You can dress them up or down and  they’re easy to pair with the rest of your packed goodies. (Do pack some invisible socks though to
avoid smelly feet).


This comes with an asterisk: They are to be worn at the beach or by the pool only. Outside of those parameters, you’ll looks like you’re summer holiday from school.


When you’re not going to the beach or pool but feel tempted to put on your flip-flops, it’s a signal to slip into a pair of Espadrilles. These comfy shoes are less likely to slip off and serve as a good middle ground between loafers and flip-flops when you’re out and about or just chilling.

Mens Summer Shoes as Selected by our Personal Stylists in Dubai

Get a personalised summer vacation package

For a care-free holiday draped in style, reach out to me with your holiday plans and I’ll create you a set of outfits personal to you and your holiday.

To get started, simply request a package from the button below or create a profile if you’re not a member yet.

Mens Summer Outfits from a Personal Stylist in Dubai


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