5 Ways To Pull-Off A T-Shirt

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Are these the lyrics to the Phil Collins tune I’m singing? Nope! That is me stepping outside of my home in June at 6pm. That’s right gents, it’s here – the beautiful UAE summer.

We love men’s clothes/fashion as much as the next guy, but we are also practical creatures. The last thing want to do is tell you to put on jackets and shirts to impress the gals, only to have you show up in a puddle of your own sweat. Nay, this style guide is for the simplest item in your closet...The t-shirt (sounds of angels singing). Our team of stylists have put together five outfits ideas with the T-shirt at the heart of every look that strike the balance of being comfortable and well dressed.

Read on to get stylist tips from one the fastest growing online men’s clothing shops in the UAE


Styling A Basic White T-Shirt


Simple, yet effective, the basic white t-shirt has history for giving off the effortlessly cool vibe - think James Dean in Rebel without a Cause.

Take this simple piece from everyday wear to outfit hero by pairing it with a pair of jeans with a lighter wash. To upgrade, start by rolling up the cuffs of your jeans 1-2 inches and pairing them with ankle high sneakers or a pair of boots – preferably Chelsea.


How should t-shirts fit?

Make sure to check out our guide for how your t-shirts and shirts should fit


How To Wear The Athleisure T-shirt


Long gone are the days where gym clothes needed be only worn in the gym. With brands taking it up a stepping up their designs, you can find a T-shirt that works with your personality, fits well and easily goes from the weight room to the supermarket.

To get the style right, make sure you’re following the color schemes highlighted in our colour matching guide and pair your t-shirt with neutral pants or shirts matched with your sneakers.


How To Wear The Striped T-Shirt


The striped t-shirt option is a great twist to the plain classics. It’s a great piece to have in your arsenal to expand your outfit options. Striped t-shirts are great option for a relaxed office dress code and easily transition for night out.

In the office, pair the t-shirt with a solid blazer to avoid clutter and match them with dark jeans and simple sneakers – plain white (think Adidas stan smiths) are always a great option.

For night outs, go a little crazy and top your t-shirt with a denim shirt (keep the button open) and keep the same bottom half suggested above.


How To Wear Henley T-Shirts


The Henley t-shirt, also known as the rich uncle of the t-shirt category, is a great differentiator to your t-shirt game. It’s a bit more polished and goes with almost everything!

Short-sleeve Henley options are styled just like a normal t-shirt – so feel free to use any of the options above. Long sleeve options are normally reserved for cooler months as a layering piece, so them underneath a bomber jacket, dark wash jeans, and sneakers.


How To Wear Patterned T-Shirts


Patterned t-shirts are a great way to jazz up a stale wardrobe, but can be tricky to get right for first timers. If there’s one rule you should take with you from the article it’s this – KEEP IT SIMPLE.

As a young chap, you may have been able to get away with wearing patterns over ripped jeans or bright, jaunty shorts, but now, your outfit needs to maintain the element of fun without losing the “grownup” vibe. Simply, if there is a party happening up top, make sure to keep items below the belt simple with either plain jeans or slim, cotton chinos.

As far as graphic t-shirts go, there are plenty of options to choose from and, perhaps, so many that we may have to introduce another guide. But for the purpose of these style tips, stick with simple patterns like polka dots or any other pattern that does not over clutter the t-shirt.


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