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7 Reasons Your Wardrobe IS NOT Working & How To Fix The Problem


You’re in front of the wardrobe ready to get dressed for an occasion - and you’re completely stuck? You see a lot of similar items? In the same colours? But have no clue on how to put them together? Sounds familiar?

Hold on. We’re here to help. Below are 7 reasons your wardrobe is not working - and how to fix the problem.


1. You're Shopping Without Thinking In Outfits

Stop picking out stand-alone pieces - and instead think about the specific outfit and occasion to wear it with.


2. You’re Struggling With Putting An Outfit Together

Draw inspiration from Instagram profiles (like ours) or seek help from an online stylist, or personal stylist. Organising your wardrobe by outfits, and not by type is helpful as outfits will now jump out at you!


3. You Own More Trends Than Staples

Trends come and go and we encourage you to embrace them, although not at the expense of your wardrobe staples. These will always keep you looking good, no matter the time or occasion.

For men's style advice, we recommend this personal styling ladder.

  1. Build up your staple of wardrobe essentials first
  2. Find your personal style second
  3. Dabble in trends third

Check out our Man Wardrobe blog post to learn more about men's wardrobe staples.


4. You Keep Buying The Same Things

“Blue, white & grey shirts. Beige chinos.” We hear that a lot. It’s because you want items that already go with what you have, we get it! But hang all your items together and you’ll see why you have all the same outfits staring back at you. Again, you're shopping without thinking of outfits” ! Now, let’s plan ahead...


5. Plan Ahead

If you’re like most guys, you open your wardrobe only to find the same combinations staring back at you. Break the mould by planning ahead for the situations and occasions that you need outfits for. Could be;

Repeat for other occasions of your life - and you’ll end up with some good go-to-options in times of no inspiration.


6. You’re Holding On Too Firmly

You're holding on to bad fits and worn out styles leaving you with too many choices. Yeah yeah, you spent God knows how much on this back when… If it doesn’t fit, pass it on. Cutting out the clutter in your wardrobe makes selecting outfits much easier.


7. You've Got A Couple Of Holes

When you get rid of the old, worn out items, you easily spot the holes in your wardrobe arsenal. Instead of arriving at any event wishing you wore the outfit seen on someone else, get rid of old stock and fill the holes with new, shiny items. Look your best. Be your best.

You tend to only notice this when you go to get dressed for an occasion and you have nothing to wear, scrape something together and then arrive at the destination where you wish were wearing the outfit s


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