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Creating your Perfect Package

Mahmoud Gao

If you ever shopped online or went out to buy something for yourself in the mall, you’d know that picking a single outfit that works for you is actually quite a task.

You might not think about it much, but ever wonder how many different WHAT IFs and HOW ABOUTs we go through in that decision making? At Mr. Draper,  We do... Although, admittedly, it’s kind of our job :)

Apart from deciding which mall you’re going (usually just the closest one for me), you have to figure out whether a certain color works for you or not. Then there’s the fit, the fabric, the style, the brand, and of course, the budget that has to be weighed before you even reach for your wallet. 

You might be thinking 'What self-respecting man thinks about these things?', but all stereotypes and jokes aside, let’s be frank and just admit that we all want to look good, whether it’s for someone you care about, for a job, or just for self-confidence.

Whilst, for most women the decision making process is as important and fun as the actual purchase, us men are simple creatures, and if we can achieve the end result without all the hassles of actual shopping, 10/10 would take the offer. Wouldn’t you?

So, you clicked a few buttons, scrolled a few pages and you are now a Mr. Draper member. What happens next ? 


Stylist reviews your profile

You get assigned a personal stylist @ Mr. Draper that goes through your profile choices, your sizes, your likes and dislikes, and makes a note. At this point, she’s probably already cooking up a plan in her head on how to make you look like Brad Pitt.


The recommendation engine

Here at Mr. Draper, we pride ourselves on using the latest tools in the biz. In that spirit, our in-house developers went on a 6-week blackout where they developed a machine (we still don’t completely understand how it works), where with the given sizes and profile choices, the system runs a comparison between you and a bunch of customers similar to you and spits out a range of items you might like. Here’s a rare footage of the work in progress:


Decisions, decisions...

At the end of the day, your stylist is the master of your package (pun intended). Before she even starts putting your outfits together, she looks at your profile and the recommendations, then at your profile again, and then at the recommendations again and then….well, you get the point.

No decisions are taken lightly and no clothes are just thrown into the mix with our fingers crossed that you’ll like it. Every piece of clothing in your box is a result of your stylist’s back & forth between your profile, available items, and any feedback she has gotten from you. 


Got it?


Knock, knock

From here on, it’s pretty simple:

  • You get a call from our courier to arrange a delivery. 

  • When you get your package of goodness, you have 5 days to try everything on. Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us on social media to get AED 100 off your next package!

  • When you’re done, put the items you’re not keeping back in the box and just go to your profile on, where you can request a pickup. Tell us which items you want to keep and which ones you are returning.

  • Someone will get in touch and collect the package. 

All done! Once the package arrives back in our headquarters, we scan the items back, and automatically charge you for the items kept using the card you verified on your profile.


The perfect package

Like any relationship in life, the perfect package is the result of hard work and trust. Hard work on our part, and trust in your personal stylist on your side. Give as much feedback as possible throughout the process, tell us what you need, when you need it, and how you need it, and let Mr. Draper do what Mr. Draper does best :)

We believe in the idea of the perfect package and so should you. There’s no risk in trying the service, so hop on the #manshopping train and enjoy the ride! 


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