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Mahmoud Gao

While in between jobs during Ramadan 2013 (worst time to be unemployed), I started to think of projects to work on that could potentially lead to a business I could launch. As someone who’s not super stylish, I do know how to put simple pieces together. Turns out that this is more knowledge than the average male species. After noticing my free time, friends of mine would ask me to go shopping with them to help pick out some looks –a service they didn’t pay for.  As this became a “thing”, I had a “light bulb” moment. I would be a personal shopper! No one has thought of that, am I right? My dreams were quickly deflated after realizing that personal shopper space was well explored in the region. The thought would never leave me however, I knew there had to be something…


Mr. Draper website - The Insider

First version of the pre-launch landing page for Mr.Draper (created on PowerPoint)

When researching some ideas in this space, I knew one thing was 100% true, Men hate shopping! Going to the mall is a painful experience and not built to suit men. So why not launch another online shop, you say? Cause it’s boring that’s why… J slash K… I discovered something more interesting. Part of the reason men don’t want to shop is because they don’t know what to buy! Socks with sandals anyone? Building an online shop doesn’t help anyone who doesn’t know what to buy in the first place, so this had to be different. 


Mr. Draper Draft Idea - The Insider

First draft of the Mr.Draper idea on a piece of paper (2014)

So we decided to add a human element to the shopping experience. Someone who gets to know you and helps you put looks together online without the cost of a personal shopper. More importantly, someone who knows you, your style and sizing when you shop AGAIN – something online and brick and mortar shops could never do. Pair that with a five-day @home trial and free delivery and you’ve got something special.  So we scraped some money together, built a website, scoured the world for some amazing clothes, and launched our baby. Meet Mr. Draper version numero uno!


Mr. Draper logo ideas - The Insider

First concept of the Mr.Draper box and different logo versions (2014)

Three years later with an amazing team in place, great brands on board, and even better customers, we’re ready to take Mr. Draper to the next level. I can’t wait to share with you some of the things we’re working on, so make sure to stay tuned by checking up on our blog. If you have any feedback on the service, blog or anything we’re doing, please let us know

Here’s to the future of #Manshopping,




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