Mr. Draper’s Ultimate WORK FROM HOME Guide!


For many people, #WFH comes with the nature of the job, however with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, many more of us are working from our living-room for the foreseeable future; Mr. Draper staff and Stylists included!!

So to help those who aren’t so used to this or have a busy household, we have put together our Top 10 Tips to help you concentrate and stay productive.


1. Have a ROUTINE


Organise your day as you would in the office. Maybe start with your morning coffee whilst answering emails and then you’ll be in the frame of mind to get stuck into your day.


2. Act as though you are in the office: DRESS TO IMPRESS… FOR YOURSELF



Probably not what you wanted to hear as I imagine many of you are regularly changing from your evening PJ’s into your daytime PJ’s but to help you focus and get into the working mindset; Set your morning alarm, take a shower and dress (somewhat) smart. Psychologically it will put your mind in work mode and similarly, help you exit work mode at the end of the day.


3. Have a Dedicated WORK SPACE



As tempting as it may be; don’t slump onto your sofa with your laptop. Without a doubt this will cause neck and back pain in the long term and you will find it difficult to switch from work to home mode. Separating a small, organised work area on a desk or in a different room will help you concentrate and give you a quiet space for those important calls or video-meetings.





This one is particularly helpful if you are living in a busy household and are self-isolating with the family or flat-mates. Letting the other house-members know your working-hours helps you segregate your day and lets them know not to disturb you while you’re working hard.


5. AVOID Social Media



We all know how distracting and unproductive the endless scrolling can be. This one speaks for itself.





To your team mates and/or colleagues. There are plenty of communication apps out there for businesses to use to keep in touch. At Mr. Draper HQ we love sending GIFs for some light relief during the work day, and we occasionally talk business and keep each other updated on all things #MANSHOPPING #STYLEDBYMRDRAPER


7. Take a LUNCH HOUR



It can be very easy to just work through the lunch hour or grab a quick snack whilst writing emails etc but use this full lunch hour to separate from work and socialize with your family. This is very important for productivity and health; and we all need to keep healthy in this crazy time!


8. Keep ACTIVE


Since we’re all self-isolating currently, we need to keep active as much as possible whilst being indoors. Just a 30-minute home work-out in the mornings can help to stimulate the mind and keep your body healthy. There are plenty of apps and online training sessions you can do in the comfort of your own home.


9. Make a TO-DO LIST



Writing a To-Do at the end of your working day helps you structure for the following day and leave your work at the desk so you can then relax and spend time with the family or binge-watch your favourite Netflix Show for the rest of your evening.





It’s much easier to extend your working hours when at home, especially without having the commute-time. But try to finish work on-time at the end of your working day unless absolutely necessary. Make the most of this time at home and do what you can with your family-time!


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