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If you're new to Mr. Draper, here is a good place to start. Our goal is to simplify shopping for men, making it as frictionless and intuitive as possible. That being said, #ManShopping is a new concept to most and so questions about how it works are not uncommon. In this post we'll aim to answer as many of them as possible.


Completing your Profile


1. Updating your sizes

First thing you need to do when signing up is update your sizes. If you don't know them, no worries! Simply let your stylist know and we'll use our data to make an educated guess - which are usually 95% accurate!

2. Requesting a package

Tell us what you want in your first package. If you don't want it right away, let your Stylist know or simply come back when you are ready and request a package from the 'My Packages' page.

3. Verifying a card

Final step is verifying your card with us. It makes payment convenient for you and it secures the stock we send you. Nothing is blocked out on your card, you're only charged for the items that you decide to keep and only after we've collected the box from you.



How does it Works?


1. Requesting a Package

We only send packages on-demand so you need to request a package from your profile, directly from your Stylist over a phone call or Whatsapp, or from one of our emails that we send you. After requesting a package for the first time, you'll also need to update your sizes and verify your card. If you don't know your sizes, give your Stylist some clues and they'll help you figure it out! 

2. Making your Selections

Once you've received your package you have 5 days to try everything on. Keep everything you love, put the rest back in the box.

3. Requesting a Pick-up

You can do this from your profile under " My Packages" and we'll send our driver (or one of courier partners if you're outside of Dubai). Here, you can also leave feedback for your Stylist on the item's you've recieved, letting her know what worked, what didn't and if you need any replacements! This information also helps us continue personalizing your future experience with us!

4. Styling Sessions at our Showroom

Looking for more of a personal touch? Book a styling session with your stylist and visit our showroom. At the styling session, you can lounge back, have a coffee or tea and work one on one with your stylist to put together complete looks. All the outfits can be tried on in the comfort of our fitting areas and purchased on the spot. And as with the rest of our services, there are no fees for this service! 


Profile Tour




Mr.Draper - My Wallet

The Mr. Draper Wallet is fun place to go check out!  Here, you can let the boys know about Mr. Draper, keep tabs on your wallet balance, redeem memberships and vouchers, and even send gift cards. 

Mr.Draper - My Wallet


My Packages


Mr.Draper - My Packages

Here is where you go to request a package. You can select the items you want from a menu of clothing types. The comments section is where you can brief the stylist. This may be a specific occasion, certain items you're looking for or just the direction in which you'd like her to go with creating your package.

Mr.Draper - Request a Package

You can also look back at your package history to see when you last had a package and what you bought.

Mr.Draper - My Packages



Go say hello to your Stylist here. If you're a man on a tight schedule, you can also use this page to schedule a call with your stylists - she'll then call you at the scheduled time. Here, you can also book your 'Styling Sessions' with your Stylist using our online booking tool!

What's a Styling Session? This is where you visit our showroom instead of receiving a box. Your Stylist will create you a selection of outfits to try on in the comfort of our lounge and fitting areas. Items can be purchased on the spot and taken home with you.

Mr.Draper - My Stylist

Mr.Draper - Stylist Actions





Mr.Draper - Invite Friends

This is where you come to let your friends know about #Manshopping! You can email, whatsapp or share the link on your social channels. Once you let a friend know about Mr. Draper and they sign up, they'll get AED 100 off their first purchase at which point we'll also deposit AED 100 to your Mr. Draper wallet! Sweet deal huh!?

Mr.Draper - Invite History



Mr.Draper - Billing

This is where you add or update your card details to be used for paying for selections made from your packages. Keep in mind we only charge for items once the package is returned to us. Only 1 AED is charged upfront and nothing is blocked out on your card.  We do not have access to your card detials as they are securly encrypted and stored with our payment partners, Payfort, an Amazon company.




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