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Styling Sessions Explained

Mahmoud Gao

The origins…

If you know anything about our service, you know we do things a little…. different when it comes to shopping. The customer is at the heart of our shopping experience – everything that we do revolves around the question of “How can this make things better for the customer?” After all, this is why the entire business once launched.


When Mr. Draper first came online in 2014, buying clothes online was still relatively new in the region with most people not trusting online shops to deliver what’s promised or opting to pay cash on delivery.  The service we were offering was thought of as crazy: we send you a box of clothes, you try them all on, keep what you like, and return everything else. All of that with no service or delivery fees! It does sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it ?



Us being a new brand, many of our first customers declined to move forward with our package service, either not trusting that the service really would deliver on their promise or just thinking that it’s just not real. Then we had a lightbulb moment – Why not invite our customers to come meet us, work with a stylist one-on-one, try-on the clothes, and purchase anything on the spot? And then, boom! A new service was born. At first, this was a test to build trust with our customers and let them know what we are all about. Three years in and this “test” has become a significant part of our business.


So How Does a Styling Session work?

Styling sessions are an excellent way for you and your stylists to get to know one another. They help your stylist get a better idea of your current style, understand what you’re trying to achieve and better understand your body type and fits. Styling sessions also expose you to a wide array of brands and inventory as compared to our package service – which typically has 10-12 pieces per package. 



Just like with our box service, styling sessions work on YOUR schedule. If you’re already a member, just log in and use our booking system to pick a time that works for you, and your stylist will make sure that everything’s ready by the time you’re here. Alternatively, just dial the landline number on the website and our concierge service will take care of the booking for you.

Upon arrival at our showroom, you’ll be invited to our fitting areas to have the initial chat with your stylist where she’ll ask a few guiding questions to help her with her first selection. From there, the stylist will start to bringing out full outfits while you kick back, relax and enjoy a cold or hot beverage on the house!



Unlike a typical clothing store, your stylist is not there to compliment your every look. She’s there to build a long lasting relationship by using her expertise to guide you through each look and give you honest feedback on what works and what doesn’t. 
Once you’ve found a few items you love, you can buy them on the spot or opt to have them delivered the next day (within Dubai).

Should you need anything altered, we’ve got you there too! We’ve partnered with top tailors in Dubai that can pin and alter anything needed. Once completed, the items will be shipped directly to you by Mr. Draper. 


Ready to try it out? Bookings are open Saturday to Sunday 10am to 6pm. 

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