What Makes the Perfect ‘Day to Night’ Outfit?

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As our working lives become ever busier, the traditional boundaries between day and night can all too easily blur into one. Adopting a more flexible working pattern, aided by advances in technology, can mean that in 2018 we are able to literally work at any point during a 24-hour period. Throw drinks with colleagues and entertaining clients into the mix and the need for functional fashion that can cope with the day-night shift is as relevant as ever. But it needn’t be a concern with our guide to the perfect ‘day to night’ outfit.
Being physically prepared for any eventuality, with a pop-up wardrobe of options in tow, isn’t necessarily a viable option for most of us. But there are some quick and easy tricks of the trade that we can share with you to make that all-important clothing transition from day to night as seamless as possible.

Whether you’re working from home before heading on a date night, or hopping from office to dinner engagement, we have a number of solutions and choices that are quick and easy to adapt – whatever the occasion. From suit to lounge or from pool to dinner; whatever your lifestyle requires, we have the outfit to suit and a range of combinations to try.


The perfect day-to-night

You’ve clocked off from the office, wearing a double-breasted blazer, white shirt and tie, beige chinos and monk straps. Luckily, there’s just enough time to shoot home for a quick pit stop. Sure, you’re on the clock, with a tight turnaround needed, but there’s no need to panic. Simply drop the tie and loosen your collar, switch the double-breasted blazer for a colourful blue blazer, and swap the monk straps for loafers. You’re back out the door without missing a beat. Watch how easy it can be done.


Straight from the office

If you don't have time to head home first, here are three fallback options for when you need to dash out straight from the office:


Formal day to casual night

Making the right impression counts, both in our business and private lives. We all like to look good and we are what we wear after all. If you’re in the kind of job that requires a more formal look in the day, but you don’t have time to change into casual wear by night, then there are some simple life hacks and secrets we can let you into.
If you know in advance that you’re going to need a more casual look for an evening date or appointment, then it’s probably best not to head to work in a 3-piece pinstripe suit. Suits look like suits whatever you take away or add. So why not opt for a clean-cut pair of well ironed, crisp chinos and team them with a matching lightweight blazer and tie? Mirror your tie with a polished pair of brogues and nobody need know that later you’ll be slipping into something more comfortable.
Once you’re out of the office, you can lose the tie and grab the desert boots you’ve stowed away in your desk drawer. Keeping a spare pair of either dress shoes or more informal footwear at work is generally a good idea. It means you’ll always put your best foot forwards should plans change and you need to go straight out from the office with no time to prepare. It’s the head and feet that are always noticed first, so if you get those right then you’re definitely ahead of the game.

desert boot selection from personal stylist

Casual day to formal night

Imagine the scenario: it’s a dress down day at work and you’re in a casual open necked shirt and slip-on shoes, generally winding down and looking forward to the weekend. Out of the blue you get a call from your boss. A new client is in town and you need to take them to dinner and seal the deal that’s been on the table for weeks. It’s too late to hire a suit – so what do you do? You need to look smart but there’s no time to dash home and change.
Fear not, we’ve got your back. Remember that life hack about stashing a pair of dress shoes or brogues in your desk drawer at work? Now’s the time to put the plan into action. As a dapper man about town, you’d also be well advised to keep a tie or two in work, just in case of an emergency scenario just like this. Our go-to choice would always be a slim, knitted tie because you can dress it up or down depending on your mood and attire.

brogues selection from personal stylist
With just these two formal tweaks, you’ve upgraded your dress down outfit into a deal-winning get-up. Remember, if you’ve got the accessories right to set off your outfit, then that’s what your client will notice first. If you look like you’ve made an effort, and added a touch of style here and there, then we guarantee you’ll be forgiven for not going the whole Savile Row mile!

Day into night – casual upgrades

When you’re living and working in warmer climes, it can be tempting to assume that the transition from daywear to nightwear isn’t quite so marked. Having said that, with the right accessories and combination of styles and textures, you can easily make your mark. From golf club to nightclub, Mr. Draper can help you to transform your look effortlessly.
Let’s take the humble pair of jeans as an example of the perfect day to night outfit. With the right accessories and shoes or boots, you can easily switch from rugged to refined in minutes. A pair of dress shoes can literally do wonders to dress up your outfit, so don’t be afraid to try them out with jeans. Throw in a smart belt and a crisply ironed shirt and you’ll be accepted anywhere, at any occasion.
At Mr. Draper, we know it’s all about how you carry yourself and how you put outfits together that make all the difference. If you’re having more of a casual day, then a well-fitting polo shirt paired with chinos or pressed jeans look the business in any office. And, if you have an important date in the evening, or are out to impress, then a stylish blazer will instantly up your game. Add in a great watch and brown leather shoes and you’re good to go.

Blazer & polo outfit from Mens personal styling in Dubai

Clark Kent by day, Superman by night

We all know that work can take its toll and even supermen need a little time to relax and kick back. Attending after work drinks and events doesn’t mean you have to be trussed up in your suit. After all, who wants to be the ‘suit guy’ when everyone else in the bar or restaurant has had a chance to go home and remodel themselves into evening mode?
Crumpled shirts and tired ties are definitely not the answer. But without a handy telephone box to change into your alter-ego, what do you do? Well, the answer might just be to cheat…just a little bit anyway. Black trousers needn’t be actual suit trousers. A smart pair of slim-fit black trousers can look just good at work as they do at play. Partnered with a shirt and tie and you’re ready for work. Later on, if you need to perfect the casual evening look, all you have to do is lose the tie, roll up your sleeves and dress up your feet. Leather sneakers, an open necked shirt and a casual jacket will guarantee a relaxed yet stylish evening.

Here for you day and night

At Mr. Draper, we believe that there are no hard and fast rules as to what to wear. We want to offer you choices that are sensible but also stylish. At the end of the day, styling yourself should be fun. You may be a fashion fanatic or more conservative in your tastes but, whatever your situation, we’re here to help.
Your wardrobe is your friend and so are we. Offering support, advice and solutions, at Mr. Draper our aim is to help you to look and feel fantastic, with no judgement or pressure. So why not contact us today and find out how you can achieve that perfect ‘day to night’ transition with a little help from Mr. Draper? We’re the online stylist that you can truly trust to transform you and your look. Join us today.

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